Design & Installation

A reliable irrigation or sprinkler system should consistently distribute water over a pre-set time period (duration) and for as many cycles (frequency) as necessary to maintain the desired moisture content in the soil. It is also important that the volume of water being distributed can be measured so any variations are noticed.

Design Phase

During the design phase, Sprinkler Easy always pay close attention to the conservation of water, while incorporating a robust system designed in accordance with the water pressure and flowrate, with safety features, cost effectiveness, future maintenance cost and the appearance of the system to ensure the aesthetic appeal of your landscape is not spoilt.

Installation phase

Sprinkler Easy will apply strict adherence to the technical design, layout, and local code during the installation phase, while paying careful attention to the utility locations both above and underground. We also pay close attention to the landscape layout and plant/shrub/tree locations to ensure that no damage to the garden and/or existing structures occur. During excavation, the digging and depth of trenches will also be done in accordance with local code.

Site Management

During the installation phase, Sprinkler Easy personnel will keep the site in a neat, clean, and orderly fashion. The job will be planned to ensure sections of the installation is trenched with pipe laid and back-filled as soon as possible for safety purposes. Any trash and rubble will be removed from site and will not be buried in the trenches. Should there be open trenches at the end of the day, Sprinkler Easy will barricade such excavations and mark the perimeter with high visibility flagging tape.


After installation and prior to inspection, Sprinkler Easy will adjust all settings including the controller zones duration and frequency of applying water, the accuracy and coverage of all sprinkler heads and/or drip irrigation emitters, the locations and height of each sprinkler head, check there are no leaks, and confirm the overall performance of the system to be in accordance with both design outcomes and local code.

The Inspection of the system will be performed by the owner or appointed representative to check and confirm the installation was performed professionally, and that the system conforms to the agreed standards and outcome in accordance with the intended and agreed design specifications. Should there be any corrections or fixing that need to be done to conform to the design, it will be done promptly.

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Service Features

Professional Team - Licensed, Bonded & Insured to guarantee professional service.
24/7 Emergency Hotline - 954 778 0088 - There when you need us most.
Regular Planned Services and Repairs - to keep your garden flourishing.
We Always Answer Every Call - So you know you can depend on us.
Fast Service Response - To eliminate critical water wastage, or a potentially starving garden.
Easy Email, Phone and Text Messaging Possible - Opening communication lines for when you need us.
Workmanship Guarantee - Know your new installation will perform as promised!

Thanks to modern technology, Sprinkler Easy is able to offer reliable, robust Sprinkler Systems, and at prices that won't break your budget. You will now have the ability to distribute water to your garden with the best duration, frequency and exact volume settings by enabling a simple App on your smart phone in the comfort of your living room, or anywhere in the world you may find yourself.

Lawn & Garden Sprinkler System designs can vary significantly. This is primarily due to the typical climate elements within your region, the slope of your landscape, and the number features your landscape present.

Here with a cost chart of typical professionally installed Sprinkler Systems that you can expect for budgetary purposes:

 Combined Lawn & Garden AreaAverage Cost
1.1/4 Acre (10,890 Sq Ft)$2,150-$3,350
2.1/2 Acre (21,780 Sq Ft)$4,350-$6,750
3.3/4 Acre (32,670 Sq Ft)$6,550-$10,150
4.1 Acre (43,560 Sq Ft)$8,650-$13,450


On average, homeowners spend approximately $5,500 for a professionally installed, in-ground Sprinkler System with average controller for a ½ Acre (21,780 Sq Ft) of combined lawn and garden area.