System Upgrade

Water Sprinklers and Irrigation Systems are the life blood behind flourishing lush green landscapes. You have invested much time, effort and money to have your garden looking its best, and will need the support of a reliable sprinkler system that you can count on to maintain the moisture level in your landscape throughout the year.

As with any irrigation system, your Sprinkler System will eventually become old and in need of major repairs. To upgrade a system often cost the same (if not less) than doing major repairs.

It is not always necessary, but If you have an outdated system, or if your system is not performing at its best, you may be ready for an upgrade. It always pays to do preventative maintenance and/or upgrade the system before you have irreparable damage to your landscape due to a system not performing as it should.

How do you know whether your system is ready for an upgrade?

Here with a few checks you can do:

Monthly Water Bills Have Increased
If you have experienced that your monthly water bills have increased higher than normal over a few months, you may need to have your sprinkler system checked. Please see "Our Routine Checklist" on the "Sprinkler Repair & Maintenance" page.

You are also more than welcome to contact Sprinkler Easy to arrange for a thorough check and assessment of your sprinkler system. We have the experience and technical know-how with equipment to ascertain whether you have a leak problem.

Higher Frequency of Repairs Needed

The occasional maintenance request such a leaking joint or a sprinkler head in need of repair is normal and can be expected to occur up to 3 times per season. Professional maintenance and routine monthly checks will always be needed, but if the frequency of the breakdowns and repairs are on the rise, your system may very well need an upgrade.

An Old Antiquated System

Although the PVC piping (which is the largest component of your irrigation system) should outlast any other component, improper joints and 'wear & tear' due to landscape activities will always cause leaks over time.

If you are starting to experience the symptoms of an old Sprinkler System, and believe it may be time for an upgrade, then there are always the features and benefits of new technology that make it well worth the investment. With a new system, it is possible to monitor your landscape moisture level, and distribute just the right amount of water by means of smart technology by implementing moisture sensors, rain detectors and alternative forms of irrigation such as drip emitters. This will also be a great opportunity to re-design the piping layout and water distribution points according to your landscape current needs. Your savings is inevitably much greater as the distribution of water will be much more efficient and properly managed. In addition, the system can be controlled remotely from your smart phone wherever you may be.

Excessive Leaks

When you gradually start to experience excessive water leaks, especially in the primary line (before the valve station that leads to the different zones), you may need to have that section replaced, as much stress and strain occur in this section especially when PVC joints have not been properly primed during the initial installation. If the landscape of your garden has changed and any soil moving or growing roots have placed much external pressure and stress on the PVC pipes, it may be cause to replace certain sections of the piping to ensure your system will last for a number of years ahead, and you can experience joy in your garden again.

Too Much Water / Too Little Water

Both under-watering and over-watering your garden are detrimental to the health of your lawn, plants and trees. Unfortunately, most old Sprinkler Systems are not equipped with the necessary functions and features to control water placement in the right amounts to various plants in need of different moisture levels. Nor are they able to detect the soil moisture levels or detect when it is raining. It is therefore always a good idea to investigate the installation of a system that will keep your landscape flourishing and save on water preservation.

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Thanks to modern technology, Sprinkle Easy is able to offer reliable, robust Sprinkler Systems, and at prices that won't break your budget. You will now have the ability to distribute water to your garden with the best duration, frequency and exact volume settings by enabling a simple App on your smart phone in the comfort of your living room, or anywhere in the world you may find yourself.

Lawn & Garden Sprinkler System designs can vary significantly. This is primarily due to the typical climate elements within your region, the slope of your landscape, and the number features your landscape present.

Here with a cost chart of typical professionally installed Sprinkler Systems that you can expect for budgetary purposes:

Combined Lawn & Garden AreaAverage Cost
1.1/4 Acre (10,890 Sq Ft)$2,150-$3,350
2.1/2 Acre (21,780 Sq Ft)$4,350-$6,750
3.3/4 Acre (32,670 Sq Ft)$6,550-$10,150
4.1 Acre (43,560 Sq Ft)$8,650-$13,450

On average, homeowners spend approximately $5,500 for a professionally installed, in-ground Sprinkler System with average controller for a ½ Acre (21,780 Sq Ft) of combined lawn and garden area.