Keep Your Lawn Healthy in Plantation, FL

Let us take care of your sprinkler installation project

Tired of watering the lawn? You can cross this chore off your list with an irrigation installation project. Sprinkle Easy installs and sets up efficient irrigation systems in Plantation, FL. With our irrigation installation services, you'll have a system that's perfectly designed for your property and keeps your lawn irrigated. Plus, we maintain our systems and will take care of yours in the future.

Email us today to schedule irrigation installation services in Plantation, FL. We'll have a new system on your property soon.

Providing all the irrigation services you need

You'll have a healthy, beautiful lawn with our professionals meeting your irrigation needs. You can count on us for:

  • Sprinkler repair services
  • Sprinkler installation services
  • Sprinkler maintenance services

Our professionals can also assess your existing system if you already have one in place and recommend repairs and upgrade work to improve it. Reach out to us now for sprinkler installation services.