How To Repair A Broken PVC Inground Sprinkler Pipe – DIY


Project: Inground Broken PVC Pipe – Repair Cost Effectively

The Call-Out

I received a call from a customer informing me there is water bubbling like a fountain from the walkway next to his house. As this was obviously an Emergency, I made my way over to his house right away. The opposite picture shows the problem I found.


Step 1:   Assess The Damages


I then proceeded to shut the pump off, switch the breaker to the pump off, and I also shut the water off by closing the shut-off valve located right after the pump. I then started to dig up around the location where the water was bubbling and rising up to ground surface level. I found a cracked 1¼” PVC pipe that was squirting water when the pump was switched on – see opposite picture.


Step 2:   Collect Materials


Now that I have assessed the damages, I was able to cost the repairs by calculating the materials and labor cost to fix the pipe. Materials Needed:

  • 2 Feet PVC Pipe
  • 1 x 1 ¼” Slip Fix (See Opposite Picture)
  • 2 x 1 ¼” Slip Connectors
  • PVC Pipe Primer
  • PVC Pipe Cement

Step 3:   Prepare For Repairs

Once the Materials were collected, I proceeded to clean the pipe off with a rag and water. I measured the length of cracked PVC pipe I needed to cut out which was just over 2 Ft in length. By using a pair of PVC Cutters, I proceeded to cut the section of cracked pipe out and cleaned the burs off the two ends I now need to join. I also removed as much dirt accumulated from the inside of the open ends as possible



Step 4:   Fit New Parts

Before fitting any parts, be sure to clean and apply PVC Primer to all surfaces that will be in contact during assembly. The Slip Fix Acts as a Cylinder. You need to compress the cylinder completely before fitting to the one open end of the pipe being repaired. Apply PVC Primer to the inside of the large open end of the Slip Fix (to fit OVER one pipe end) and to the outside of the pipe end for the full penetration depth – allow a few minutes to dry. Apply PVC Cement on both surfaces and immediately Slide the Slip Fix over and for the full depth until the pipe cannot penetrate further. Hold for 20 sec before letting go. Wipe any excess cement with a grease free cloth.

You will notice the other end of the Slip Fix extends for approx. 4 inches when you pull on it. Now, compress the Slip Fix Cylinder completely and measure the distance you need from the open end of the Slip Fix to the open end of the pipe you need to join. Cut a piece of pipe 2 ½” shorter than the opening (or with enough length to allow fitment of the pipe section with a Slip Connector on both ends to fit comfortably snug between the two ends). By first applying PVC Primer and PVC Cement as advised above, fit a Slip Connector on both ends of the pipe section you have just cut to size and fit this assembly to the remaining open pipe end.

Now, prepare surfaces on the outside of the Slip Fix (to fit INSIDE one Slip Connector) and on the inside of the Slip Connector. Grab the Slip Fix open end and slide it into the connector for the full depth until the pipe cannot penetrate further. Hold for 20 sec. before letting go.

You need to give the PVC Primer at least 1 Hr to cure before switching on and bringing the pump back online to test for any leaks.

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